Our Custom Mobile App Development Services
There are so many ways to build mobile apps in the market, and we happen to be experts in some of the best technologies to craft custom, efficient, and engaging mobile applications. We use high-end, latest technologies for building attractive, user-friendly, and widely accepted iOS and Android mobile applications. We have served B2B, B2E, B2C mobile app requirements of our clients from various industries. Our experts carry out the process of creating applications, from the design to clickable prototypes, that will help understand the needs of the market and its potential users. Then, our development team build robust, secure, scalable mobile solutions, and connected web platforms.
Our Web App Development Services
We take pride in our ability to deliver the best and cost-effective custom web design and development solutions. We create unique websites, web applications, admin panels, web tools, etc., for global businesses, from start-ups to big business giants. We turned their ideas into reality. We have the capability to provide solutions like UI/UX designs, Frontend, and Backend of Web Applications, Enterprise Software, CMS Sites, E-commerce platforms, etc. We build elegant, secure, and scalable web solutions that achieve actual business goals and leave a long-lasting impression on customers.
Our MERN Stack Development Services
We call ourselves as MERN Stack experts and using MERN stack, we have developed some of the most complex, challenging, and custom web applications with multiple features. We have great knowledge and experience in using technologies that fall under MERN stack which are MongoDB, ExpressJS, React.js, and Node.js. We cater to our clients' business-specific requirements using our best MERN stack resources and build them solutions that will upscale their businesses.
Our SaaS Development Services
Vevasolutions has transformed startups and their cloud journeys by developing highly scalable and secure solutions that can operate at high speed and efficiency. We have the ability to offer the best and most fitting SAAS Development solutions including integrations and customizations as per the business-specific requirements. We have offered and developed several cost-effective SaaS-based solutions in our journey of more than 5 years for businesses from various industrial domains and helped them transform their activities to a whole other level.
We start by hearing out your requirements. This includes a project description, job descriptions, team size, and desired workflow to assemble the right specialists.
After you make a final choice, you hire remote developers, and we integrate them into your project. You can choose your preferred management approach and tools. We recommend meeting with the team in-person by inviting them to your office or by visiting us.
Our HR team assesses candidates to learn their background, tech skills, English proficiency, and soft skills. Once we have chosen the most qualified candidates, you will host the final interviews with remote engineers.
Our MVP Development Services
On using us to develop your Minimum Viable Product (MVP), we make sure that you have all the right information, suggestions, alternate solutions for building a product that's accurately right for your customers and their needs. We start with analyzing ideas, make a plan, design a prototype, and then build a product that is scalable, easily customizable, and customer-centric. Our goal is to build a product with right amount of efforts and to achieve maximum validation and appreciation from the market. We also have a SEO, SMM, and marketing team that does wonders while launching products, post-lunch product and features marketing using the most effective and best-in-market approaches.
Our Browser Extension Development Services
With the help of the extensions, a new revolution has come up in the manner in which a browser connects with the users. They can be built using technologies that are often used in building websites or web applications like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, etc. The only difference in building Chrome extensions is that they are way quicker, secure, and better. At vevasolutions, we have resources with good experience and expertise in developing custom Chrome extensions to help clients from all kind of industries, whether it is a start up or an enterprise, with different aspects of their day-to-day life. You are welcome at vevasolutions to select, assess, and hire the best and experienced resource(s) to build you an elegant, user-frienldy, and efficient Chrome Extensions for you and your customers.
Our Desktop Application Development Services
We use Electron JS that allows us to create Desktop applications with GUIs using web technologies We use Electron js to develop cross platform applications which are compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms.
Our Chatbot Development Services
We all have been interacting with bots in our daily life and we know how much it can be helpful in tasks from personal support to leads generation, sales, etc. Also, interacting with bots saves a lot of time and we can expect immediate feedback for our queries. By developing bots, we can proudly say that we are contributing in the revolution of streamlining interactions of businesses with customers. We deliver excellent bot development services that can be implemented by industries from various domains like information and technology, e-commerce, customer support, entertainment, or healthcare. We build bots that can manage crucial tasks, automate processes at low maintenance costs, and integrate with your existing tools & systems seamlessly. We have developed several Telegram and Skype Bots using PHP / Node JS. Let us share our short experience about some of them for quick glance. - We have successfully developed a Telegram bot that is used for parsing jobs from a platform, filtering them, and sending very best jobs to the users via Telegram. - Another bot that we developed is about a Leave Management System for a company's internal use. There were so many requests from the employees to streamline and simplify the leave requesting process and ‘Voila!’, we developed a bot for them so that they can easily apply for leave through Telegram and Skype.
Our Software Development Services
Developing custom software can be costly and time-consuming, but with the help of our team of experts, we can develop custom and complex software from scratch in the minimum possible time. Furthermore, we use a Modern technology stack to reduce the development time and ensure the quality and security standards of the project. We have deep expertise in Custom Software Development, Automation Software Development, Management Software Development, Enterprise Software Development, Providing Offshore development services, Cross-Platform Software and Maintenance & support services.
MEAN Stack Development Services
Our MEAN Stack expertise let us develop and deliver high quality and complex MEAN stack solutions. We are proud to provide the most complex, challenging, and custom web applications solutions using MEAN Stack on-time and in-budget. We have great knowledge and experience using technologies that fall under the MEAN stack: MongoDB, ExpressJS, Angular.js, and Node.js. We cater to our clients' business-specific requirements using our best MEAN stack resources and build the solutions that will upscale their businesses.

Our Cross Platform Mobile App Development
Our experts have served B2B, B2E, B2C industries with high-end, latest technologies and different cross-platform mobile app development services to build robust, secure, and scalable mobile solutions and connected web platforms.
Our Progressive Web App Development Services
We are leading in Progressive Web App Development Services, as we adapted PWA Development in the early stage. PWAs are useful for testing a minimum viable product because they allow for a rapid and often less expensive development scope.
Our Android Mobile App Development Services
We are specializes in Android app development for startups, small businesses to enterprises. Our Android app developers have more than six years of expertise in creating bespoke, stable, fully responsive, and futuristic mobile apps for many Android devices.
Our iOS Mobile App Development Services
We are the ideal place for you to develop and publish your iOS app using cutting-edge technologies. As India's leading ios app development company, we provide feature-packed iOS apps for startups and businesses. Contact us immediately to discuss your business needs and receive some custom-made iOS app solutions.
Our Flutter Mobile App Development Services
Vevasolutions web is the ideal choice to seek if you want to start your project with an industry-leading Flutter app development company. We work with our clients from the start to the conclusion. With our best-in-class flutter app development services, we provide scalable, faster-to-develop apps and a wonderful native experience.

Our Ionic Mobile App Development Services
We are a Top Ionic App Development Company in the industry that will not settle for anything less than the best. With our Ionic App Development Services, We simplify it for end-users by creating mobile apps with platform-specific functionality, a native-like aesthetic, and high code reusability.